This year we are celebrating the Erasmus+ Programme's 30th anniversary. Due to this date, the SEPIE, Servicio Español Para la Internacionalización de la Educación (Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education) has organized a specific day dedicated to Senior Education next 9th of October in Albacete. Representatives of diverse organizations within the sector will be participating on this day: Senior Education Centres, Official Language Schools, University Programmes for Older Adults, Adult Education Centres, Culture Conferences, Caretaker's Services and other administrations, Associations, Foundations... with or without experience in European educational programmes.

Participating in Erasmus+ can be relevant for University Programmes for Older Adults, which is why we encourage you to register for these conferences before September 14th, 2017, through the following link.

This event is of limited capacity, so all accepted registrations will be receiving a confirmation e-mail once the inscription deadline has passed.

Participation is free of charge.

In the event of doubt, please contact with SEPIE through their e-mail, with the heading "Senior Education 30th Anniversary - October 9th" in the subject line.

Preliminary Draft Programme [PDF] (in Spanish)

AEPUM Participation in ERASMUS+ day in Albacete

Last October 9th, AEPUM participated in the ERASMUS+ day: 30 YEARS ENRICHING LIVES, OPENING MINDS SENIOR EDUCATION + 30TH ANNIVERSARY - SENIOR EDUCATION Organized by Erasmus+ SEPIE in Albacete at the Casa de la Cultura José Saramago.

The Universities of Oviedo, Murcia, Castellón, A Coruña, Málaga and Alicante have participated actively in the different sessions and presentations.

During 2017 we will be celebrating the Erasmus+ Programme's 30th anniversary, and the SEPIE, Servicio Español Para la Internacionalización de la Educación (Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education) has been organising a day to celebrate such a memorable date for Senior Education. Since the birth of Erasmus+, many institutions have participated in the programme and those Universities that have University Programmes for Older People have greatly benefited from the specific programmes that are available for the collective (more information available in this AEPUM link).


Last June 13th, the XVI AEPUM Assembly unanimously agreed on renaming the Research Award of the Spanish National Association of University Programmes created in 2003, the "ADORACIÓN HOLGADO SÁNCHEZ RESEARCH AWARD" OF THE SPANISH NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY PROGRAMMES FOR OLDER ADULTS 2017, as homage to the first AEPUM Secretary, avid impeller of these programmes and promoter of the creation of AEPUM.

This is the 4th Edition and call of the award, created in order to distinguish the best research projects conducted around those topics and training and research fields that coincide with the objectives and interests developed in the Universities integrated by the AEPUM, who carry out University Programmes in Spain.

The award serves as an acknowledgment that the AEPUM grants researchers who dedicate their efforts to finding innovative solutions in favour of permanent learning, as means to promote education, personal development and the improvement of older adults' quality of life.

Reminder that the call for entries is open until September 15th, 2017, which is why we encourage professors and researchers of those Universities which are members of AEPUM to submit their investigations, following the RULES AND REGULATIONS 4th EDITION CALL, ADORACIÓN HOLGADO SÁNCHEZ RESEARCH AWARD AEPUM 2017.


Open UNED is a web platform created by the UNED in which makes available for the user, open educational resources (Open Educational Resources, or OER).


Dear members of AEPUM,

Today is a very sad day for the National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults, and above all for those persons in the education area who coexisted and knew ADORACIÓN HOLGADO SÁNCHEZ, our dear and loved Dory.

Yesterday she left us in a sudden and unexpected manner. Many of the members of AEPUM could share with her the sessions of the last Seminar celebrated on the 29th of September in Salamanca. During those times her huge illusion and animosity could not presage the piece of news we are transmitting.

Dory, was not only one of the pioneers in the realization of the University Programmes for Older Adults in Spain and of the constitution of the National Committee (2000) and the National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults (2004), but also was in charge of AEPUM´s Secretary from its beginning until the year 2010.

Her work, contributions and good judgement, have been very important in AEPUM, but above all her human quality, friendship and teaching have been indispensable to help many of us who have been joining the task of the University Education for Older Adults and AEPUM.

From AEPUM and with these lines, we wish to pay tribute with our most sincere gratefulness and recognition to Dory. Good person, and great person.

We wish with all our hearts may she rest in peace.

Article about UPOUs in La Voz de Galicia Newspaper

Logo senior corunya

Last weekend a long article about UPOUs was published in the YES Magazine from La Voz de Galicia Newspaper. The author included students’ opinions in order to describe how the experience is, when attending to these university programmes.

In the article the Universidad Sénior de A Coruña, the IV Ciclo from USC and the Universitario Sénior de la UVigo are mentioned.

Link to the article


The five Valencian public universities have constituted this Wednesday on the La Marina University Venue, located in the city of Benissa (Alicante), the University Programmes Network for older adults of the Valencian Public Universities (CRUPV), a strategic choice constituted by the five Valencian principals on the day that Manuel Palomar, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Alicante, has taken charge of the Vice-Chancellors´ Conference of the Valencian Public Universities (CRUPV). The act, celebrated on the University of Alicante Venue in Benissa, counted with the presence of the five Vice-Chancellors: Manuel Palomar (UA), Esteban Morcillo (UVEG), Francisco José Mora (UPV), Vicent Climent (UJI) and Jesús Pastor (UMH).

As Manuel Palomar, UA Vice-Chancellor has explained ``it is a commitment that the Valencian Public Universities have made a long time ago and which now we are taking a step further with the constitution of this network to face and achieve the challenges that the population of older adults in our territory presents us´´. The new current president of the CRUPV has highlighted that it is about promoting and drawing attention ``their active participation on society, on the familiar sphere, on the lifelong learning, volunteering or in the cultural expression and sports´´. The creation of the University Programmes Network for Older Adults answers the need to promote a major formed citizenship, active, and participative on an inclusive society and for all ages.

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