Seniors Learning with Apps


Nombre del Proyecto

Seniors Learning with Apps    


01/01/2014 - 31/12/2015   

Organización Coordinadora (Institución, País)

  • Universidad Friedrich-Alexander Erlangen-Nürnberg (Alemania)     

Organizaciones Participantes (Institución, País)

  • Universitat Jaume I (España)
  • E-SENIORS association (Francia)
  • Grupul pentru Integrare Europeana (Romania)    

Nombre de la Convocatoria

LifeLong Learning Programme Grundtvig centralizado


The project has two main objectives  a) Design, development and long-term implementation of a mobile Training environment (the Seniors learning App) for ICT-competence development: Seniors will become active and competent ICT users  b) Research and Innovation on innovative technology-based training concepts for heterogeneous target groups.        


SenApp develops learning app for seniors to learn handling to go online in 4 countries to support them effectively and individually to become competent ICT user. It focuses on the need for eInclusion of senior citizens in Europe, who still being very under-represented when it comes to competent and self-directed use of ICT. The digital divide still concerns, to a major extent, the older population. The goal is to develop and implement a App based training approach motivating and supporting senior citizens engaging in the digital society by accessing the digital world the very popular, less expensive and easy to handle tablet-computers (IOS and Android system). The project aims at optimally supporting seniors in the process of accessing and becoming involved in the information and knowledge society, by applying the well-proven formula of using ICT as a learning medium as well as a learning content. SenApp will develop a non-formal, flexible and accessible App-based ICT qualification course that matches the very specific needs of this highly heterogeneous target group. Furthermore, the use of eLearning as training mode will best support flexibility of content and learning schedule, which is a fundamental requirement of training offers for this large and much diversified group.   To this end, the project will develop a) a mobile learnign environment dedicated to tablet-computers , b) develop 25 learning units conceived and tailored to the learning needs of seniors in four European countries. In order to cope with the diverse impairments and disabilities of seniors, special focus will be given to multimedia-enriched didactical elements: Videos, screencasts and interactive exercises. The segmentation of the content will be adapted to the seniors' learning pace and attention span. The modular course concept makes it possible to choose and aggregate a variable number of learning units into one course to respect prior knowledge and preferences.     

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