Convocatorias Nacionales

Título Fecha Convocatoria Coordinador Español
The effect of the programs of physical activity in the older adults life quality 2008 IMSERSO Universidad de Granada
Pedagogic design and application of a program to reduce stereotypy and automatic prejudice in the field of University Training. 2008 Junta Castilla y León Universidad de Burgos
Physical and Psychological Health of Carers: Comparison between Formal and Informal Carers. 2008 IMSERSO Universidad Complutense de Madrid
THE UAB AS EXPERIENCED SPACE: THE OLDER ADULTS' STORY 2008 Consejo Social de la UAB Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Identification of different patterns of active aging in older adults from rural and urban contexts. 2008 IMSERSO Universitat de Girona
Design, Development and Implementation of a Virtual Teaching Model for Older Adults in the university field (MEVIPUM) 2008 IMSERSO Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Active Participation on Information Society. Digital Gap and Quality of Life of Older Adults. 2008 IMSERSO Universidad de Valencia
Identification and analysis of teaching practices in an University Program for Older Adults with an effective use of the TIC. 2008 AVANZA Universidad Ramón Llull
The older adults of the 21st century: challenges of the society of information 2007 BANCAJA Universitat Jaume I
Dependence and Family Project: A socioeconomic perspective 2007 Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Biological Aging and Determining Factors in People with Intellectual Disability 2007 Universidad de Salamanca
Project: Dependence and Disability at Old Age in the Next Two Decades 2007 Universitat Jaume I
Adapting user's interfaces for older adults. Alternative mechanisms to make its use easier and a practical case. 2006 UPSA Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca
Little old people: Encounters between older adults and scientific research. New strategies for social participation. 2006 IMSERSO Universidad de Barcelona
Longitudinal monitoring of the evaluation of the university programs for older adults 2006 IMSERSO Universidad de Barcelona
Description, analysis and evaluation of the intergenerational programas in Spain. Models and good practice. 2006 IMSERSO Universidad de Granada
Psycho-social variables that affect the life quality of the students of the university programs for older adults in Andalucía. 2006 IMSERSO Universidad de Sevilla
Preparation of a guide of good practice for a healthy and productive aging. 2006 IMSERSO Universidad de Granada
Strategies to reduce the negative stereotypes about old age. 2006 IMSERSO Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Analysis and Evaluation of University Programs for Older Adults (AEPUMA) 2005 IMSERSO Universidad de Alicante