Convocatorias Nacionales

Título Fecha
Physical and Psychological Health of Carers: Comparison between Formal and Informal Carers. 01/01/2008
Pedagogic design and application of a program to reduce stereotypy and automatic prejudice in the field of University Training. 01/01/2008
Active Participation on Information Society. Digital Gap and Quality of Life of Older Adults. 01/01/2008
The effect of the programs of physical activity in the older adults life quality 01/01/2008
Design, Development and Implementation of a Virtual Teaching Model for Older Adults in the university field (MEVIPUM) 01/01/2008
Identification of different patterns of active aging in older adults from rural and urban contexts. 01/01/2008
Identification and analysis of teaching practices in an University Program for Older Adults with an effective use of the TIC. 01/01/2008
The older adults of the 21st century: challenges of the society of information 15/12/2007
Dependence and Family Project: A socioeconomic perspective 01/01/2007
Biological Aging and Determining Factors in People with Intellectual Disability 01/01/2007
Project: Dependence and Disability at Old Age in the Next Two Decades 01/01/2007
Adapting user's interfaces for older adults. Alternative mechanisms to make its use easier and a practical case. 01/10/2006
Strategies to reduce the negative stereotypes about old age. 01/01/2006
Preparation of a guide of good practice for a healthy and productive aging. 01/01/2006
Longitudinal monitoring of the evaluation of the university programs for older adults 01/01/2006
Little old people: Encounters between older adults and scientific research. New strategies for social participation. 01/01/2006
Psycho-social variables that affect the life quality of the students of the university programs for older adults in Andalucía. 01/01/2006
Description, analysis and evaluation of the intergenerational programas in Spain. Models and good practice. 01/01/2006
Analysis and Evaluation of University Programs for Older Adults (AEPUMA) 10/10/2005