VIII Meeting of the State Association of the University Programmes for Older Adults - Alicante




  1. Reading and approval, if applicable, of the previous session act.
  2. Reports about:
    1. The President.
    2. Treasury.
  3. Ratification and Admission of new Partners.
  4. Dropped members.
  5. Report of Work Commissions.
  6. XI Meeting in Lleida. Year 2010.
  7. Other subjects of interest.
  8. Motions and queries.


Attendance list. (Annex 1)

  • Alicante, Mrs Concepción Bru Ronda
  • Burgos, Mrs Carmen Palmero Cámara
  • Castilla La Mancha, Mrs Inmaculada Herranz Aguayo- Delegada
  • Complutense de Madrid, Mr Marcos Roca Sierra- Delegado
  • Girona, Mr Josep Torrellas Vendrell
  • Granada, Mr Pedro Cano Olivares- Delegado
  • Lleida, Mrs Neus Vila Rubio
  • Murcia, Mr Manuel Hernández Pedreño
  • Pontificia de Salamanca, Mrs Mª Adoración Holgado Sánchez
  • Ramón Llull, Barcelona Mr Xavier Lorente Guerrero
  • Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona), Mr Josep M. Sabaté Bosch
  • Santiago, Mr Antonio Rodríguez Martínez.


Members that excused their absence

  • Autonomic of Madrid, Rocío Fernández Ballesteros
  • Córdoba, Blas Sánchez Dueñas
  • Islas Baleares, Carmen Orte Socías
  • Jaume I. Castellón, Salvador Cabedo Manuel
  • La Laguna, José Arnay Puerta
  • León, Aurelia Alvarez Rodríguez
  • Valladolid, Mª del Carmen del Valle López
  • Vigo, Pedro Membiela Iglesia


Authorities and Specialists invited

Pontificia de Salamanca, Mrs M. Teresa Ramos Bernal

It has been approved  that, from the next meeting onwards, it should appear in each act the relationship with the partner universities that have not responded, excused for their absence, nor attended the session.


Celebrated in the University of Alicante in the “Sala Rafael Altamira” of the City of Alicante Venue, situated in Ramón y Cajal nº 4, On 27th June 2008, at 11:17 hours.

Mr President, Antonio Rodríguez Martínez, presides the session.


1. Reading and approval of the previous meeting act.

The session starts with the unanimous approval of the previous meeting Act, celebrated in the General Building of the Faculty of Law, in the University of Burgos, on 7th May 2008, at 16.00 hours.

2. Reports

2. A)  about the AEPUM President

Antonio Rodríguez starts the session thanking Concha Bru and the University of Alicante the invitation and the arrangement of this Meeting that, according to the statutes, must be held once a year.

Next, he continues to inform about different events that have taken place so far:

1- Meeting with the State Secretary of Universities and the General Director of Universities.

Antonio Rodríguez, reports that the meeting was held in the ‘Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones’ of Badajoz, on the 18th December 2008, with the General Director of Universities (Felipe Prétiz Calvo) and Mr State Secretary of Universities (Màrius Rubiralta). They were handed a dossier about the AEPUM (Annex 2)

In that meeting, they were informed about the need of resuming the channels for dialogue that were held with the Ministry, and they were talked about the way in which the PUPMs will take place within the Law. (Annex 3)

2.- Commission of Continuous Training

From that meeting, it emerged the call that the AEPUM President received from the Ministry of Science and Innovation to become a part of the Commission of Continuous Training, which currently is accountable to the Ministry of Education (Annex 4)

Meetings of the Commission of Continuous Training:

  • 1st April 2009
  • 17th June 2009
  • 9th July 2009, planned


The objective of the Commission is to elaborate a document for the Ministry gathering the possible regulation of validation, confirmation and acknowledgment of the non official Education (PUMS Programmes), and the justification of the need for Continuous Training.

AEPUM is in the group of justification of the need for Continuous Training.

3.- Interview with representatives from the IMSERSO

On the 4th February 2009, at the instances implemented from the AEPUM, the meeting in Madrid took place.

On the part of the IMSERSO attended: Pilar Rodríguez, General Director of the IMSERSO, Antonio Martínez Maroto, Chief of the Area of the Gerontologic Plan, Mrs Aguado.

On the part of the AEPUM attended: Antonio Rodríguez, Concha Bru, Marcos Roca and Mª Adoración Holgado.

The AEPUM President delivered a dossier with the information summarised about the AEPUM (aims, universities, works, web...) and a copy of the Protocol signed in 2006 between IMSERSO and AEPUM.

Following the lines of the agreement, there were made some proposals, such as: the creation of a credit line for the exchange and mobility among the university programmes within the national and international area, sponsorships of schools or Summer courses for alumni of the programmes, to keep on supporting the celebration of national meetings and work seminars. The IMSERSO is informed that the next national meeting will take place in 2010 in Lleida.

The General Director expresses her interest in keeping on collaborating in the AEPUM, but she informs about the budgets cutbacks that the IMSERSO bears.  (Annex 5)


4.- Investigation Projects:

This year as well, it came up the call for the improvement of University education, in which the University Programmes for Older Adults have been included. Different projects have been presented at this call, both individually (from a university) and jointly (from several universities). 

5.- Invitation to the III State Congress of Older Adults, celebrated in Madrid, from the 18th to the 20th May 2009 (Anex 6).

Antonio Rodríguez reports that he received the invitation to attend the III Congress. Also, Adoración Holgado indicates that she was invited to attend the closure.

Marcos Roca attended on the behalf of the AEPUM, who did not remark anything of interest for the university programmes.

6- National Confederation of Federations and Students and Former Students Associations of the university programmes for Older Adults (CAUM).

The CAUM managers arranged an interview with the General Director of Universities, Felipe Prétiz Calvo.

Antonio Rodríguez reports that the CAUM invited the AEPUM to attend the meeting the past 15th April 2009.

Marcos Roca was previously with Rafaela Muñoz, CAUM President, and he reviewed the document that the CAUM delivered to the General Director of Universities.

7.- Application for the interview with the AEPUM of the new president of CAUMAS (State Confederation of Associations and Students and Former Students Associations of University Programmes for Older Adults)

Antonio Rodríguez informs that he was invited to participate in the VII Conferences of Associationism celebrated in Granada from the 14th to 16th May 2009.

Argente del Castillo attended and took part in it.

In the CAUM Meeting, celebrated in Granada, has been a change of president and of the name of the Confederation.

Felipe Martín Moreno, from the Students Association of VA-UPSA, the new Confederation President, will be interviewed with Antonio during July in Santiago to present and suggest possible collaborations with the AEPUM. 

2. B). Treasury report:

- Manuel Hernández Pedreño, AEPUM Treasurer, informs about the state of accounts, manifesting his satisfaction due to the 18.752,25 € available. (Annex 7)

All the universities are in arrears with the payment of the quotas previous to 2009, except:

-   two universities that owes the quote since their subscription: European University Miguel de Cervantes, Valladolid, and Public University of Navarra.

The Public University of Navarra will be insisted on to pay or to unsubscribe from the Association.

- The University of Oviedo owes since 2008 because it has not facilitated the AEPUM tax data to be able to design its bill. The University will be insisted on to contact to facilitate the required data. 

- There are 16 universities with outstanding payment of the 2009 quote.

It is reminded that, at the beginning of September, Manuel Hernández will send a payment reminder to the universities that had not credited the 2009 quote.

3. Ratification and Admission of new Partners

Antonio Rodríguez reports that the University of Las Illes Balears has applied for its integration in the Association. The UIB has presented the required documentation, so it has been unanimously admitted into the Association.

They have also applied for information about the required documentation to become part of the AEPUM the universities: Pedro Olavide of Sevilla, A Coruña, UNED and Cádiz, among others.

4. Dropped members

Adoración Holgado informs that the European University Miguel de Cervantes has sent a writing informing about its decision of unsubscribing from the AEPUM. UNSUBSCRIPTION accepted.

5. Report of the work Commissions

Antonio Rodríguez gives way to the coordinators of the work commissions to inform.

#1: Commission Educative Innovation and Methodologies: Neus Vila reports that, after the Seminar in Badajoz, Adoración Holgado and herself made a worksheet of innovation. It was sent to the Seminar participants to answer it and be able to use it as a draft for the rest of the AEPUM. Only a few universities answered it.

In the Meeting, it has been approved to send the worksheet of innovation to all the AEPUM partners, along with a brief explanation about the same to send it filled in before the 30th October 2009. (Annex 8)


#2: Creation of a newsletter of the Association: Pedro Cano and Josep Torrellas inform that they have elaborated a draft about the aspects that will need to be taken into account, and it has been approved:  

- type of publication: digital and a printed summary of 3-4, and the #1 printed

- timing: six-monthly

- size: around 10 pages

- contents:

      . presentation/editorial of every number: #1 in charge of the AEPUM President. The next ones in charge of the accountable for the events arranged: meeting, seminar, conferences...

      . interviews

      . information and activities related to the AEPUM

      . pictures

      . AEPUM in the press

      . AEPUM partners’ contributions

Inmaculada Herranz, U. Castilla La Mancha, suggests that it should be possible to include the researches carried out in the universities.

Antonio Rodríguez indicates that the newsletter is not an adequate publication for that kind of information; in any case, a brief review could be made.

      . Design and layout: accountable for it: U. of Granada and Girona

      . In Lleida, the newsletter draft will be presented along with its budget to be approved in the Meeting:


#3: Communication, dissemination and social projection: Concha Bru reports that within fifteen days she will be presenting an accompanying booklet about the AEPUM to the Management Board:  universities that compose it, registration in the Association, number of students...

She also informs that she will represent the AEPUM and present an announcement about the Association in the III Congress in Costa Rica that will be celebrated from the 5th to the 7th August 2009.

Some of the objectives of her participation will be to make the AEPUM known, to explain the philosophy of the Association, to establish relationships with other programmes, and to initiate relationships of internationalization of the AEPUM:

Marcos Roca informs that he will also attend the Congress.


#4 Monitoring and Updating of the Programmes: Concha Bru reports that she, along with Adoración Holgado, has elaborated a basic worksheet of data updating (Annex 9).

Before the Meeting, Antonio López, collaborator specialist of the UA, explained the worksheet to all the attendants; its objective is to make it a simple, dynamic and useful application, with possibility of modification as programmes evolve.

Within approximately ten days, Antonio will send the worksheets with the suggestions proposed, and the criteria to fill every partner in will be briefly explained.

# 5: Institutionalisation: Antonio Rodríguez reminds us that the contacts with the Ministry, IMSERSO and the Commission of Continuous Training in which he takes part are examples of the work accomplished in favour of the Programmes institutionalization.

6. XI Meeting in Lleida. Year 2010.

Neus Vila informs about different aspects of the arrangement of the XI Meeting that she has elaborated along with her collaboration team of the University of Lleida, and which she has presented to the Management Board and the Meeting to be approved.

  • Title: Evaluation and quality of the university programmes for older adults. Processes, applications and purposes.
  • Dates: Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th and Friday 28th May 2010.
  • Organising: University of Lleida and AEPUM.
  • Committees:
    • of Honor: Authorities
    • Scientific: AEPUM Management Boards and University of Burgos, organiser of the X Meeting.
    • Organisers: Professors of the U. of Lleida, Municipal Institute of Education, ICE...
  • Quote: Around 125-150 €, which will include tuition, acts, diploma, reception...  
  • Participants: 500 attendees planned at most
  • Alumni: 10 alumni per university
  • Publication: CD
  • First newsletter: End of July
  • Delivering of summaries deadline: 15th November 2009. To implement only a reading, and in case of giving a negative report, to apply for a second reading, and to decide according to it; the reading will take place between the 15th November and the 15th December, date in which information will be provided.
  • Delivering of announcements deadline: 30th March 2010.
  • Second newsletter: 30th October 2009, with more accurate information.
  • Bilingual Meeting: Simultaneous translation
  • Meeting structure:
    • Day 26th in the afternoon: institutional inauguration and inauguration conference
    • Day 27th in the morning: Announcement presentation, a talk about evaluation and quality, and round table. Day 27th in the afternoon: Panel of experts. From the 18.00 hours, the AEPUM Meeting will be celebrated.
    • Day 28th in the morning: presentation of announcements, talk and closing of the XI Meeting.
    • Day 29th in the afternoon: Cultural visit
  • Deciding: Registration deadline
  • Information about the XI Meeting: webpage of the University of Lleida

Neus Vila indicates that she will be informing the Management Board, and that she will reckon with professors from her university in the talks, round table and panel. 

Adoración Holgado asks if the IMSERSO has been or not informed.

Antonio Rodríguez proposes that they should be informed and invited, and, according to the conditions that the University of Lleida establishes, it should be decided if they are going to reckon with its collaboration or not.

7. Other subjects of interest

7.1. Due to the money available in the AEPUM, it has been decided to present to the Meeting to approve:

* Financing the Meeting in Lleida with 3000 € (instead of 1.000€, which were approved in the previous meeting, celebrated in Burgos).It is unanimously approved

* Financing from AEPUM the one night’s accommodation per representative from a partner of the AEPUM university attending the annual Meeting. It is unanimously approved.

7.2. Publication of the AEPUMA Project: Concha Bru informs that in April, she added corrections on the text of the AEPUMA Project of the Síntesis editorial, and that she expects that its editing will not last for long.

7.3. AEPUM Web: Concha Bru informs that the UA keeps on updating constantly the webpage of the Association.

7.4. Seminar Proposal 

Xavier Lorente, from the University Ramón Llull, informs the Meeting that his University presented in 2007 a Project in the Avanza Plan about Educative practices in the programmes for older adults, and, as a final part of the research, it has the presentation of the Project conclusions scheduled for all the Spanish universities with university programmes for older adults.

The University Ramón Llull proposes the AEPUM to arrange a seminar about New technologies in the programmes for older adults, on the days 11th and 12th November 2010 in Barcelona.

Given, on the one hand, that in the AEPUM events calendar it is envisaged that the work seminar should take place the year following the meeting, and in 2010, the XI Meeting will be accomplished, and, on the other hand, the proposal that the University Ramón Llull makes is attractive and very interesting.

It is unanimously approved that the Ramón Llull should arrange CONFERENCES with the collaboration of the AEPUM about New technologies in the programmes for older adults, on the days 11th and 12th November in Barcelona.

In the XI Meeting it will be decided the Work Seminar to accomplish in 2011, depending on the proposals presented.

8. Motions and queries

It is approved that, from the next meeting onwards, it shall appear in each act the relationship of the partner universities that have not responded, excused for their absence nor attending the session.


Joseph María  Sabaté requests, after the following meeting, for the previous monitoring about the act of the preceding meeting to confirm if the activities and topics treated have taken place or not.

There being no further business, the meeting is adjourned at 14.20 hours.

Mª Adoración Holgado Sánchez                                               Antonio Rodríguez Martínez

AEPUM  Secretary                                                                AEPUM President