Valencian Public Universities coordinate joint actions for the University Programmes for Older Adults they develop

Universidad de Valencia

Last Tuesday, on February 2011, the Valencian Public Universities gathered to "combine efforts, optimize resources and management, as well as to work in joint committees to address the challenges of adult learning in the XXI century". This meeting was held under the aegis of the University of Valencia, being the hostess of the event Cristina Civera Molla, director of the University Extension Service and responsible of LA NAU GRAN, University Programme for Older Adults in the same university. 

As a result of this meeting, some findings have been submitted, bonded by the will of coordination and the wish to connect the relations between the Valencian programmes aimed at adults over 55 years. The sum of those efforts is specially important in this times of crisis, in a field doing their best to consolidate the University Programmes for Older Adults recognition inside lifelong learning. As imminent actions were considered the distribution of work commissions to encourage the analysis of the current situation in the Valencian Community, funding sources, communication and cooperation ways between programmes of educational and research projects and the possibilites of exchange between different senior programmes. 
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