Last Sunday 2nd October it took place the 7th Healthy Walk of ``La Nau Gran´´ organized by the Vicepresidency on Formation Policies and Educative Quality and together, by the University Extension Service and the Physical Education Service and Sports of the University of Valencia.

It is a healthy act, supportive and sustainable which is held every year and that facilitates people from different generations interact and share the public space

This walk joined two iconic University Spaces. It was started on the Botanic Garden and the participants walked across the course of the river Túria and the ``Jardines de Viveros´´ until they reached the Square of the Vice-chancellor’s office, where we all together enjoyed of a healthy lunch.

This edition was the most numerous of all the ones carried out until now, there were 1304 registered participants. This data reflects the great reception it has amongst the students of ``La Nau Gran´´ and the university community.

On this edition the beneficiary entity was CEAR. The ``Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado´´ has as a mission to defend and promote the human rights and the integral development of the refugees, stateless persons, and migrants with need of international protection and/or in risk of social exclusion .

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