The University Jaume I of Castellón presents the book "Learning and Network Access: technology for seniors".

Presentación Libro UJI

The book of the Second Conferences on Seniors and New Technologies held at the University Jaume I in 2010 has been presented at Llotja del Cànem with the title "Learning and Network Access: Technology for Seniors".

The event has been run by the Conference director and Academic Director of the University Jaume I, the professor Salvador Cabedo and the book editors, Roger Esteller and Raúl Marín, managers of the organized and scientific committee respectively. 

This book presents the minutes of the lectures of the Second Conferences, a total of 23 articles that deal with new technologies from different areas: pedagogy and learning through the network, use and access to tools, social aspects and realities, health, and the vision of students as well. 

In this way the experiences of the Second Conferences become available to the entire scientific and professional community, and also to the general public, maximizing their broadcast and impact. 

The title of this edition "Learning and Network Access" aims to emphasize the importance of an useful and significant learning that allows a greater access to the network, now accessible to obtain information, but also to give it.  "Technology for Seniors" stresses the final addressee of all those acts and projects, where older adults can profit from technology for their purposes, noting that Learning and Network Access is always beneficial, in a constructive and useful way, both individually and for the rest of society.