Universitat per a Majors (University for Adults), of Jaume I University in Castellón, opens its academic year.

The opening of the Academic Year, for the Senior Citizens University Program “UNIVERSITAT PER A MAJORS”, is taking place tomorrow, 26th September, at the Auditorium of Jaume I University in Castellón.

At the mentioned event, which is going to be chaired by the Director of Jaume I University, Mr. Vicent Climent Jordá, Lecturer Juan Carlos Palmer Silveira is giving the opening lecture “Text genre”.


Mr Salvador Cabedo Manuel, academic Director of the Program, and Ms Pilar Escuder Mollón, Coordinator of the Program, will present the activities and academic planning for the Year 2012-2013.


Invitation to the Event

Further information about the program UNIVERSITAT  PER A MAJORS