Third Vives Forum of Senior Programmes – University of Alicante


Cabecera Forum Vives III


Location: Alicante

Address: C/ San Fernando, 40

Date: from 21/09/2017 to 22/09/2017

Start time: 16.00 h


Senior programmes’ conference at the University of Alicante. Check the programme

Universities adapt to the new socio-demographic profile of senior students

22/09/2017.- The University of Alicante hosted on September 21st and 22nd the Third Vives Forum of Senior Programmes Meeting, organized by the heads of the OAUP of the Vives region, which constitute permanently the Senior Programmes Working Group of the Xarxa Vives of Universities (Spanish acronym XVU).

The Third Vives Forum of Senior Programmes Meeting has served as a space for reflection on the new socio-demographic profile of senior students and their needs, considering that it is a very heterogeneous audience with a great intergenerational, multicultural and personal diversity. Among the aspects discussed in the meeting, the annual report on the status of the Senior Programmes has been presented to the universities of the XVU, developed by the University of Valencia and the University of Alicante. In addition, the visibility of the OAUP in the field of universities and society in general has been analyzed from a report presented by the University Jaume I and the University Pompeu Fabra. As a result of the meeting, it has been agreed to develop an inter-university training programme aimed at OAUP’s users.

These findings are the result of the joint work of the Senior Programmes Working Groups of the Xarxa Vives of Universities that met today, Friday 22nd September, in a specific session with the aim of defining the 2017-2018 working plan. That plan includes, among other actions, the holding of a new Vives Forum of Training for Trainers conference on February 2018 at the University of the Balearic Islands.

Currently, 16 universities in the Vives territory offer training programmes for older adults, which bring together a total of 11274 students over 50, with a representation of 62% of women and 38% of men. These programmes also have the participation of 1359 teachers.

Vives Forum is a space of exchange and reflection that promotes the XVU, and which is translated into multiple conferences, debates, seminars, workshops or congresses distributed throughout the territory.

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