Style guide for journalists "Look at seniors"

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The European Anti-Poverty Network Spain (EAPN-ES) and EAPN Madrid have presented on the occasion of the beginning of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the Style Guide for Journalists "Look at seniors". 

Carlos Susías, president of the EAPN-ES has emphasise the media's fundamental responsibility to overcome stereotypes affecting seniors: "many times media conceive seniors as passive and dependants individuals, when they actually are active people in society, as reality shows".

The guide provides conclusive data and terminological proposals for professionals of the media, offering solutions to the journalists interested in dealing with these themes. 

"There are lots of families that can send their children to school because they have grandparents who work as their grandchildren caretakers" and many others support economical crisis better thanks to their elders' livelihood, declared Francisca Tricio, Managing Director of the Democratic Union of Pensioners and Retired people in Spain (UDP), collaborating entity in the development of the guide, emphasising the active role and the seniors value for society. 

The guide recommends the media to inform about seniors by counting on them and by offering a diverse reality of their life experiences. It is also recommended to value seniors' contribution to their environment, giving visibility to the challenges they face every day. 

In short, the guide tries to contribute to the media offering a more realistic image of seniors, with the ultimate aim of offering a better quality information about ageing. 

Style Guide Download [PDF]