Sixth International Summer Senior University (organized by the Open University for Seniors (UOM) of the UIB)


Event: Sixth International Summer Senior University (organized by the Open University for Seniors (UOM) of the UIB)
Title: "Tourism and European citizenship in the Balearic Islands"
Dates: Majorca, from 9th  to 15th September 2013.

The main goal of this program is to facilitate social relationships and the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the group of older people from different European countries within a university context.

This year, according to the declaration of 2013 as International Year of European citizenship, the edition will be focused on "Tourism and European citizenship in the Balearic Islands". Based on the importance that tourism has had, and still have, in our islands for developing an open-minded and cosmopolitan society, we will show this evolution from a rural to a globalized society. Therefore, we have organized workshops, lectures, tours and visits that will allow our students to discover how Majorcan society has been built.

To this end, participants will have the opportunity to know different natural surroundings which are been preserved as opposed to other overcrowded; the role of the first European travellers and foreign residents who nowadays live in the island; the social and economic impacts that tourism has brought .....all given by local experts and lecturers of the University of the Balearic Islands.

Also, they will enjoy with leisure activities and common spaces where participants will be able to share with other European seniors different aspects of their own culture, traditions, interests and motivations,,,, generating a very enriching inter cultural environment

The language of this seminar is English.

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Coordinator: Barbara Ordinas (971 172463)
Open enrollment period.

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