Seminary «Posmodern Onuba»


Name/Title of the Iniciative: Seminary «Posmodern Onuba»

Dates of beginning and end: from the 2nd to the 10th of May 2012
Place: University of Huelva, Campus «El Carmen». Auditorium of the Faculty of Law
Aims: Make the students aware of the social changes that have been taking place in our country during the last decades, focusing on Huelva. Arouse interest in the students to get to know the multiple cultures that coexist in our society.


Collaborating Institutions:
Local Office for Equality and Social Welfare of the Andalucia's Committee, Town Councils of the provincial venues.
Mª Carmen Fonseca Mora
Vice President of Permanent Training and Innovation

Phone number: 9592184445

Joaquina Castillo Algarra
Director of the Experience's Classroom
University of Huelva