Protocol of Cooperation between the IMSERSO and the AEPUM



In Madrid, March 2006


On one side, Mr Ángel Rodríguez Castedo, as General Director of the Institute of Older Adults and Social Services (IMSERSO).
On the other side Mr José Arnay Puerta, as President of the University Programs for Older Adults State Association (AEPUM).


Mr Ángel Rodríguez Castedo, as General Director of the Institute of Older Adults and Social Services (IMSERSO), appointed by the Royal Decree 1670/2004, of the 9th of July, to represent and act on behalf of the before mentioned Institute.
And Mr José Arnay Puerta, as President of the University Programs for Older Adults State Association (AEPUM), with registered office in C/ Viana, 50. 38071; La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife), registered in the Associations National Registry, Group 1st, Section 1st, National Number 171920, with enough powers to take part in this Protocol according to Article 22 of the Articles of Association.
Both parts acknowledge the mutual capacity to require and to reach agreements, therefore they


That the IMSERSO, as Management Company of the Social Security registered in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs by means of the State Department of Social Services, Family and Disability, with nature of public law entity with legal capacity to comply the purposes entrusted to it under the Article 59.1 of the revised text of the Social Security General Statute, passed by the Royal Decree-law 1/1994, of the 20th of June, holds, among other faculties, authority to act in the promotion of the cooperation with the organizations and entities that gather and work with older adults.

That, according to its Articles of Association, the University Programs for Older Adults State Association (AEPUM) has as its main purpose the promotion of the educational programs of university nature, contributing to the educational and cultural development of the older adults’ group. To reach the mentioned purposes, the Association has as its objective the promotion and development of the dialogue and communication among Universities, Civil Services and Private Entities, to promote culture and the fulfillment of the needs of the older adults for education, information and advice.


That both institutions consider advisable, in the interest of achieving their respective purposes, the establishment of a stable channel of cooperation that will give consistency and continuity to all initiatives, programs, projects and activities developed by both Institutions.
Considering all that, both parts agree to sign this Protocol of Cooperation that will obey the following


This Protocol aims to define the general cooperation frame that will be developed by the Institute of Older Adults and Social Services (IMSERSO) and the University Programs for Older Adults State Association (AEPUM) in all spreading, educational and research activities that may be jointly carried out for the older adults’ group.

SECOND.- Cooperation's field
The cooperation between the Institute of Older Adults and Social Services and the University Programs for Older Adults State Association will apply to the agreed fields and competences of the IMSERSO.
By way of guidance, some of the matters that can enjoy that cooperation are:

  1. The execution of Courses, Seminaries, Courses to recognize qualifications, Postgraduate Courses and other ones, given by university teachers related to geriatrics, active aging, education and culture for older adults, psychological, financial and social consequences of aging, as well as education related to management of gerontological and health-care services.
  2. The execution of basic and applied researches in the fields mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  3. The promotion of the cooperation between IMSERSO and the Research Departments or groups of the Universities that make up the AEPUM to carry out activities in the frame of Research + Development + Innovation.
  4. The organization and carrying out of State Meetings and Technical and Scientific Conferences.
  5. The carrying out of activities aimed at favoring educational innovation in the University Programs for Older Adults.
  6. The support of the activities directed towards the reinforcement of international cooperation, especially with those Latin-American countries that have nets or universities with university education for older adults.
  7. The promotion of activities and nets aimed at favoring the intergenerational relationships.
  8. The encouragement of the publication of Scientific Reports, Studies, Monographs and Doctoral Thesis developed in the older adults’ field, by means of the IMSERSO’s Publication Service.
  9. Any other activity that will benefit both Institutions in this Agreement’s field.

THIRD.- Specific Agreements
To carry out the activities arose from this Protocol, Specific Agreements will be drafted and signed between the IMSERSO and the University Programs for Older Adults' State Association. These Agreements will specify the purpose, the economic contribution of each part, the work programme to develop and the institution responsible for the supervision of the activities.

FOURTH.- Joint Committee
A Joint Committee will be established made up of two representatives of each part. It will develop and specify the cooperation activities that will be established as well as ensure the strict fulfillment of the common objectives pursued by both parts.
The members that will make up this Committee will be appointed within the period of a month after the signing of this Protocol, with both parts handing over writings informing of their respective appointed members.
The Committee will constitute the stable communication channel among both Institutions.
Once established, the Committee itself will decide its regime of meetings and valid agreements' adoption.

FIFTH.- Validity
This Protocol will come into force from the moment of its signing and it will have a validity of three years. It can be tacitly renewed for the same period.
Nevertheless, both parts can denounce it in writing. The complaint must be formalized two months before the date in which it is wished to invalidate the Protocol and it will not affect the activities already initiated. Those activities will be brought to an end according to the signed Cooperation’s Specific Agreement.

SIXTH.- Legal Regime and competent jurisdiction.
This Cooperation’s Protocol is of administrative nature and the Revised Text of the Civil Services’ Contract Law, passed by the Royal Decree 2/2000, of the 16th of June, under the article 3.1.d, does not apply to it.
The Administrative Litigation Jurisdiction will solve the contentious matters that may arise between both parts.
And, as a sign of approval, both parts sign in duplicate this Protocol, one for each part, in the place and date above mentioned.

Ángel Rodríguez Castedo José Arnay Puerta