Privacy and Cookies Policy

Specific Information about Cookies

AEPUM informs that Cookies are used when the user surfs the different pages of the website By means of this notice, we inform you about: what Cookies are, which Cookies AEPUM uses and how to disable Cookies from the browser.

What are Cookies?

"Cookies" are small text files that a server saves in the hard disk of a hardware and that store some kind of information about the user. Cookies allow the Website to register the user's activity and store his preferences. They help to analyze the way the user and the Website interact and allow a more free-flowing and personalized surfing.

There can be "Session Cookies": they contain information used in the current session of the browser. These cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted when the user closes the browser. On the contrary, "Persistent" Cookies are used to track the user's activities, so that when the user visits the Website again, the browser reads the stored information and adapts to his preferences. They remain in the user's hardware even after closing the browser until they expire or until the user deletes them.

AEPUM uses Cookies created and used by its Website and other Cookies created in our Website by third parties.

The Cookies used in this Website don't identify personally the user, so he remains anonymous. AEPUM may also register temporarily the IP Directions (Internet Protocol) to identity the computer from which the Website is accessed to, to diagnose any problem with our server and to manage our Website.

What Cookies does AEPUM use?

Your visit to the Website may create the following Cookies:

  • Internal Cookies
    • Session Cookies: We use these Cookies to improve the user's surfing experience and his interaction with the Website.
  • Third-party Cookies
    • Google Analytics: Persistent Cookies are used to analyze the users' profiles.
    • Facebook: Persistent Cookies used in the "like box".

How to disable Cookies?

It can be configured in an easy and free way in the browser in order to delete or avoid the installation of Cookies. The steps to do so are different for each browser, the instructions can be found at the Help of your browser. Nevertheless, not using Cookies while surfing the could hinder the correct running of the Website.