Presentation: "Guide of style Journalists and Older Adults"

24/05/2012 19:00

24th of May at 19,00h at the Rafael Altamira's Hall of the University Venue of Alicante en  C/Ramón y Cajal number 4 - 03003 Alicante.


Sonia Márquez Sánchez, President of the EAPN (European Anti Poverty Network),Comunidad Valenciana.  
Nuria Tendeiro, journalist and editor of VLC Social, expert on social issues.
Irene Ramos Soler, Doctor of Sociology, Teacher at the UA,  Researcher of the Older Adults Observatory of the UA

Moderator: Jordi Sánchez Navas, Journalist and Teacher at the UPUA and member of the Older Adults Observatory.


EAPN-ES presented in Madrid, the GUIDE OF STYLE JOURNALISTS AND OLDER ADULTS and highlighted the important responsibility of the media when it comes to eliminate the stereotypes affecting older adults: "the media frequently shows older adults as passive and dependent people, but the reality is that they are people active in society". This guide presents conclusive data and terminological suggestions for the media professionals, offering solutions to those journalists interested in addressing these issues.  This Guide of Style is thought to be a tool for the communication and information professionals and for all those who would like to communicate the reality of the older adults in an objective way, without stigmas or prejudices. It also intends to transmit the different reality of the older adults and promote voluntary service and social participation, in order to help the people of the third age to be included in society and be recognized as active citizens. 

Most of the goals pursued by this Guide coincide with the line of work and research that has been developed by the Older Adults Observatory of the UPUA , that is why it has been considered necessary to develop this activity together with the framework of events of the European Year of Active Aging and the Intergenerational Solidarity carried out by the Permanent University of the University of Alicante.

The European Anti Poverty Network - EAPN is an independent coalition of ONGs and other groups committed with the fight against poverty and social exclusion in the Member States of the European Union. This coalition was created in December 1990 by organizations that worked inside the European Union with people who live in poverty and exclusion. It became a reference body for the Council of Europe. EAPN is also a founding member of the European Platform of SOcial Action. EAPN seeks for those who live in poverty and social exclusion to be able to exercise their rights and duties, as well as breaking their isolation and their current situation. It has as its main goal addressing both issues at the political debates of the European Union.

In Spain, the European Anti Poverty Network in the Spanish State (EAPN-ES) works to make this goal a reality and influence the public policies, both at a Regional, State and European level. EAPN-ES was founded in 1991 and re-founded in 2004 as a net of ONGs committed with the social inclusion of those suffering poverty and social exclusion. Nowadays it is made up of 18  regional net, including the Xarxa per la Inclusió Social - EAPN-Comunidad Valenciana. Among these organizations there are foundations, federations, local associations, unions, regional and local ONGs and 15  entities of state range, all of them nonprofit organizations and with a common interest: the fight against poverty and social exclusion. Among our goals, like the goals of the EAPN in Europe, we intend to establish a work method on the Net to be able to work together and unite our efforts in order to achieve greater and better results.  EAPN-ES is an horizontal, plural and independent organization.

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