Our Continent – Our Culture

Name of the activity/project: Our Continent – Our Culture
01/10/2009 - 30/09/2011
Notification for:
UE- LLP -Grundtvig- Associations for Learning
Organizing Institution:
Senior University of A Coruña
 Member Institutions:
Downe University of the Third Age in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland
Ada-und Theodor Volkshochschule of Hannover, Germany
Senior University of A Coruña, Spain
Centro territoriale Permanente, Scandiano ,Italy
Kyronmaan Opisti, Laihia, Finland
FORAVE, Lousado, Portugal
This project deals with the different ways the Europeans have and are contributing to the commonn European Culture. Coinciding with the specific and working aims of the Grundtvig Programme, the main aspects of this project are: Learning of languages, identity, active citizenship and European Cohesion, together with the understanding and communication among generations.
Each one of the European projects in which the Senior University has participated has offered Workshops to the students where they have developed activities of the different Associations for Learning, under the name of those projects.
As a result of participating in these Grundtvig Associations for Learning, the Senior University has been developing a net of contacts that turned into establishing bilateral relationships with some of the Institutions that participated in those projects as members, although those relationships are not finalcially supported by the EU.
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