On 2nd July, was held the annual Ordinary Assembly annually convened by the Spanish National  Association of University Programmes for Older Adults. This Meeting took place at the University Jaume I of Castellón, in the Room of Meetings of the Vice-chancellorship, and was attended by the Vice-chancellor of Institutional Relations of the UJI, who welcomed the participating Universities.

The Meeting, in which representatives of 21 universities participated, was developed during the morning where the items on the meeting agenda were dealt. In the afternoon, took place the SEMINAR: OLDER ADULTS AND ICTs IN UNIVERSITY PROGRAMMES FOR OLDER ADULTS

During the assembly, the results of the seminar of Older Adults and ICTs in university programmes for older adults were firstly presented in the context of AEPUM, and then, the representatives of the University Programmes for Older–UJI dealt the situation of the education and ICTs where developments and applications used by Older Adults in the Programme were presented.

THE NATIONAL STUDY OF THE USE OF ICTs IN THE UNIVERSITY PROGRAMMES FOR OLDER ADULTS (UPOA), promoted by the patronage of the technological enterprise DORO AB, is included as integral part of the goals of AEPUM and its statutes describe aspects in relation with the following:

a) Collaborate with public and private entities that have as their aim adult older education.

b) Arrange with public and private institutions studies and projects that are interesting for lifelong learning within the field of programmes for older adults and lifelong learning.

c) Implement actions aimed at promoting educational innovations in continuous and lifelong learning.

d) Stimulate the research and publication and of scientific works.

At the Seminar on 2nd July, the results obtained in this study, which are based on an analysis of direct surveys made to the older adult students between November 2013 and March 2014, were discussed in the bosom of AEPUM.

The mentioned study has involved 5390 students of 40 universities that develop University Programmes for Older Adults distributed by the whole territory national territory of Spain, between 15 autonomous regions.

The virtue that this study has got is its achievement at the national level, its compactness and the high level of participation that allows the students of the UPOA be familiar with the level of Access and Use of ICT.

Thus, the UPOAs could have checked and verified the evolution of trends detected in studies previously realized, but at the individual level in the different Universities for Older Adults, in order to be able to propose concrete actions destined to improve the contents designed and specific eduction for the students of the UPOAs, and to improve the level of knowledge and competences in ICTs between the biggest within the area of UPOAs.

Participating Universities in alphabetical order:

  1. University of Alicante
  2. University of A Coruña
  3. Autonomous University of Barcelona
  4. University of Burgos
  5. University of Cantabria
  6. University Carlos III of Madrid
  7. University of Castile-La Mancha
  8. Catholic University of Ávila
  9. University of Deusto
  10. University of Girona
  11. University of Huelva
  12. University of the Balearic Islands
  13. University Jaime I of Castellón
  14. University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  15. University of Lleida
  16. University of Murcia
  17. Polytechnic University of Valencia
  18. Pontifical University of Salamanca
  19. University Ramón Llull of Barcelona
  20. University of Valladolid
  21. University of Vigo
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