Multidisciplinary conference series


Name/Title of the Iniciative: Multidisciplinary conference series

Those students from the University of Huelva that are in the second and third year of the Experience's Classroom have the opportunity of carrying out individual academic activities guided by their teachers who will supervise the research lines in which they register in. This Conference series is created to spread their work. The students of the Experience's Classroom will be the ones to carry out these conferences. These students have already taken the third year of the Experience's Classroom and will talk about different topics. They deeply investigate topics of the students' interest and prepare research reports that are later presented to the Education Community, specially aimed at their classmates.
Date of beginning and end: From the 30th of January to the 2nd of February 2012
Place: University of Huelva,Campus «El Carmen». Auditorium of the Faculty of Law
Aims: Encourage the students of the Experience's Classroom to investigate and prepare reports about topics that are of their interest and motivate them. Share with the society the knowledge that the students have acquired by the studies carried out in the Experience's Classroom.
Collaborating Institutions:
Local Office for Equality and Social Welfare of the Andalucia's Committee, Town Councils of the provincial venues.
Mª Carmen Fonseca Mora
Vice President of Permanent Training and Innovation

Phone number: 9592184445

Joaquina Castillo Algarra
Director of the Experience's Classroom
University of Huelva