Menta 50+


Name of the Project

Menta 50+



01.12.2012 / 30.11.2014


Coordinator (Institution, Country).

Trebag (Hungary)


Partner Organisations

  • Univ. Málaga (Spain)
  • Université delle LiberEtá (Italy)
  • Red Cross (Austria)
  • Univ. Chester (United Kingdom)
  • IDEC (Grece)
  • International University Cyprus (Cyprus)
  • Modi'in (Israel)

Name of the Announcement

Lifelong Learning Programme - MP Grundtvig


We aim to provide people older than 50 years an infrastructure and the development of materials based on a holistic (integrated) perspective designed to promote the increase of their activities. With this, we guarantee the active participation in an ageing society and extending the accumulated benefits of the wellness and mental health. This might be accomplished by: - Activating the engagement of the citizenship during all the project's process. -Developing a manual characterised by a holistic perspective. -Developing online activities which start and apply the playing concepts to important learning objectives. -Producing a continuous curriculum to work towards the realisation of the programme.


During the project, the key activities will ensure the programme's success implementation through: - The researching of this area and the compilation of good practices. -The establishment of the advisory committee composed of experts, institutions and the older adults themselves. -Carrying out mobility activities for exchanging ideas and experiences. -Developing innovative materials such as online games and support manuals. -The implementation of a pilot phase that testes the results of the project – The organisation of conferences “Keep in mind to keep active your mind” -The organisation of a final congress.


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