Meeting request at the University of Murcia - Murcia

National Commission

We hereby call those part of the National Commission of University Programmes for Older Adults to the meeting held on January 31 and February 1 in the University of Murcia. The start time will be at 12:00 on January 31 with the following agenda:


  • Information about the organization of the Sixth Meeting of Alicante and the Programme final closure.
  • Analysis and discussion on the framework-model and division of tasks for its development.
  • Assessments on the future of University Programmes for Older Adults with the entry into force of the LOU law and the subsequent statements.


In La Laguna on January 16 2002





Signed by José Arnay Puerta




Note: The Vice-chancellorship of University Extension and International Relations of the University of Murcia has sent today the information concerning the location of the meeting and the accommodation. It is convenient that you confirm as soon as possible the information requested.