The University of Alicante organizes of the I.A.U.T.A. International Conference on Thursday 11th - Friday 12th June, 2015  and  brings together the third age universities of all continents.

The theme of this International Conference: "U3A's, Citizenship and Social Cohesion" highlights one of the priorities for U3A’s in the 21st century, namely: the need to delve deeper into ongoing and lifelong training and to focus on senior training as a key aim in the reduction of poverty and social exclusion among the older segment of the population. Recognizing the value that corresponds to older adults’ experience together with the inescapable need for their social presence as active and integrated citizens in their own right appears as an unquestionable priority. In this respect, U3A’s have clearly assumed the role of spreading this message about the need of recognition for older adults, about the fact that their integration is an essential goal, and also about the commitment that this entails to promote seniors’ ongoing training.

It is an ambitious aim which requires the participation of all Universities of the Third Age, gathered in I.A.U.T.A during the International Conference at the University of Alicante. We thus warmly welcome you to our university and hope that our hospitality will help you feel at ease in your work during these days and also that this will lead to a fruitful outcome and to the fulfilment of the objectives proposed.

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