Intergenerational Activities


PUPM Name: University for seniors of the UCM.

University on which depends the PUM: Complutense University of Madrid
Name/degree of the intiative(s): Intergenerational Activities
Start date and end date: January - June 2012
Place of development: The University for seniors of the UCM sets in motion during the academic year 2010-2011. This program takes the higher education space as a link to ensure a better contact, exchange and respect between the different generations. 
Aims: It is contemplated to carry out  education and cultural activities to stimulate new experiences between young and senior students of the university environment. 
Description (300 words maximum):
Educational and cultural activities are carried out, such as:
  • Personal/coaching development courses.
  • Self-help and improvement of the quality of life courses.
  • Cooperation activities, volunteering, and integration. 
  • Visits to museums and landmarks.
  • Thematic sessions on communications techniques, oratory and protocol.
  • Creativity and humor workshops.
  • Computing workshops.
  • Conferences and book launches.
  • Discussion forum.
  • Theater activities.
Expected number of participants/beneficiaries and/or groups to which this initiative is aimed: 
  • Visits: 10 senior students and 10 young students.
  • Conferences: until full capacity is reached.
  • Formation courses: 20 senior students and 10 young students.
  • Excursions: 10 senior students and 10 young students. 
Cooperating entities: Intergenerational Programe of the University for seniors of the UCM and Colegio Mayor Diego de Covarrubias of the UCM.
More information:
Contact information: Coordination Team
Telephones; 91 394 6073/7701