Grundtvig - H2O and Life: Water and Life - 2011-1-CY1-GRU06-01523 2


Name of the Project

Grundtvig “H2O and Life: Water and Life” 2011-1-CY1-GRU06-01523 2   


20/02/2000 - 20/09/2000   

Coordinating Institution, Country

  • University of Corte (France) 

Participating Institutions, Country

  • University of Corte (France)
  • University of Granada (Spain)
  • Adult Education Center Schrobenhausen (Germany)
  • Institute of Olive Trees and Subtropical Plants Chania (Greece)

Name of the Call

2011-1-CY1-GRU06-01523 2   


Water is vital for every living kind. Considering the demographic explosion and the climatic change, this topic will be crucial in the future of most part of the world. People must be conscious of the quality and the water resources and contribute to its susteinability, not just in an small area but at a global level. They must respect the others, their differencies and special needs.
Examine the water's quality, fountains and treatment of water pollution.
Examine the regional situation, the demands for domestic, industrial and agricultural use. Projection of the future.
Climatic changes and how they are going to affect the availability and quality of water.
Find examples of new cultivations or irrigation to save water.
Finish with some practical measures or incentives that will be introduced on a small scale in the areas of the members by the local authorities and institutions.



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