Egypt, a legendary country, by Vicente Ferrara Pascual

13/03/2012 20:15

Name of the University Program for Older Adults: Permanent University

University that organizes the Program: University of Alicante

Date: Tuesday 13th of March 2012, at 20.15


Sala Rafael Altamira, Sede Ciudad de Alicante
Avda. Doctor Ramón y Cajal, 4 - 03001 Alicante
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The Permanent University together with the Students and Alumni of the Permanent University Association have been working hard in this direction for more than a decade. We have been working non-stop both in the training field and in activities for the personal development, the promotion of active citizenship and the reduction of dependence. In the European Year we want to join the iniciative of creating a conscience on the different problems, the better ways of dealing with them and the opportunities of personal development that the older adults have in a society for all ages.

To reach this purpose we are going to promote different activities collaborating with institutions, professional groups and associations, all this managed by the Vicerrectorado de Extensión Universitaria. Today we present a series of conferences that under the title CONFERENCES OF ACTIVE AGING, PROMOTION OF THE CULTURE AND THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, show us the concerns and contributions of different authors that have been part of the Permanent University of the University of Alicante, and it is a proof of active aging itself.


Conferences of Active Aging, Promotion of the Culture and Personal Development

Egypt, a legendary country, by Vicente Ferrara Pascual

Egypt, a legendary but also a real country. Legendary because Romanticism brought it out and even today, when unfortunately we are less romantic, its relevance continues despite all the wrong ideas. That is what we are going to talk about at this conference. Within our time limits we will try to bring some light with the help of the capability and experience of an expert of this culture.



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