E-learning methodology in university programs for older adults


Name of the Project

E-learning methodology in university programs for older adults


20/01/2000 - 20/02/2000

Coordinating Institution, Country

  • Autonomous University of Madrid

Participating Institutions, Countries

  • National University of Cuba
  • Autonomous University of Mexico
  • Catholic University of Chile

Name of the call

Projects of interuniversity cooperation UAM-Santander with Latin America


-Continue with the net of Programs for Older Adults between Latin America and Spain
-Creation of materials that will help to the cooperative work and exchange among students of the participating universities
-Evaluate the elaborated materials


This project is part of the pilot study developed in the project CAVIPUMA. The materials Vivir con Vitalidad© (Living with Vitality) were adapted to the E-learning methodology's format.
The program developed in this project was used in four universities: Autonomous University of Madrid, Catholic University of Chile, University of Havana and the Nacional University of Mexico.
The program is developed in 65 hours during three months. The participants can use the following resources: questionnaires of self-evaluation, readings, activities, forums and tutorships.
The goals of the organizers of the program are the following:
-Learning how to grow old peacefully
-Promote healthy lifestyles
-Learn strategies to optimize the cognitive skills and make up for the potential decline
-Optimize emotions and positive affection
-Promote social relationships and participation

The results of the programs are still being gathered, but some of the preliminar results have already been published at: Mariagiovanna Caprara, María Ángeles Molina, Rocío Schettini, et al., “Active Aging Promotion: Results from the Vital Aging Program,” Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research, vol. 2013, Article ID 817813, 14 pages, 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/817813

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