Dear members of AEPUM,

Today is a very sad day for the National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults, and above all for those persons in the education area who coexisted and knew ADORACIÓN HOLGADO SÁNCHEZ, our dear and loved Dory.

Yesterday she left us in a sudden and unexpected manner. Many of the members of AEPUM could share with her the sessions of the last Seminar celebrated on the 29th of September in Salamanca. During those times her huge illusion and animosity could not presage the piece of news we are transmitting.

Dory, was not only one of the pioneers in the realization of the University Programmes for Older Adults in Spain and of the constitution of the National Committee (2000) and the National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults (2004), but also was in charge of AEPUM´s Secretary from its beginning until the year 2010.

Her work, contributions and good judgement, have been very important in AEPUM, but above all her human quality, friendship and teaching have been indispensable to help many of us who have been joining the task of the University Education for Older Adults and AEPUM.

From AEPUM and with these lines, we wish to pay tribute with our most sincere gratefulness and recognition to Dory. Good person, and great person.

We wish with all our hearts may she rest in peace.



Academic data

National teacher. Doctor in Sciences of the Education. Professor of Didactics in the UPSA. Apart from the teaching activity, in the UPSA, she was Dean of the Education Faculty three times. Principal of the ICE and other management charges. Nowadays she was retired in ``active´´.

On the University Programmes for Older Adults she would stand out:

  • For having designed and implemented, in 1993, the Programme called ``University of the Experience´´ which expanded to the 9 provincial capitals of Castile and Leon, being her Principal until the year 2002.
  • Having designed the proposal for the start of the Interuniversity Programme of the Experience of Castile and Leon, in which the 8 universities of the Castilian-Leonese Community are taking part, nowadays with 27 Venues, of whose she was Regional Coordinator since its beginning in the course 2002 until 2004.
  • Principal, since the year 2002, of the mentioned Interuniversity Programme on the Pontific University of Salamanca (with venues in Burgos, Salamanca and Valladolid) which she still exercises with the nomination of Honorary Principal, after her retirement.
  • She was a member of the National Committee of University Programmes for Older Adults, from its creation in 2000 until 2004 and Secretary of the National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults (AEPUM) from its creation in February of 2004 until 2010 and up to now she represents the Pontific University on the above mentioned State Association.
  • She has participated in the 14 National Meetings and in the 9 Seminars of the University Programmes for Older Adults which have been carried so far, being co-organizer of 3 of those Meetings and of 2 Seminars.
  • She possesses more than twenty publications related with the Older Adults theme.
  • She was awarded with the SENDA Prize to the University World on the edition of the year 2012.
  • She has collaborated with the IMSERSO on the elaboration of the Statute of the Older Adult.
  • She collaborated with AEPUM on the Commission of Evaluation Work and recognition of the University Programmes for Older Adults.