Board of Directors' Meeting - Santiago de Compostela

National Commission
  1. Analysis and decision making vis-à-vis allegations presented to the Preliminary Draft of the Spanish National Association Statutes.
  2. Analysis and decision making on the compliance of the established agenda in the Seventh Meeting regarding the aforesaid Draft.
  3. Preparation of the General Assembly convened for the second half of February 2004.
  4. Creation of a Working Committee that draws up a proposal about the education future of the Programmes, with a view to submit it to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The inclusion of modifications proposed by the seven universities to the preliminary draft is proposed:

  • University of Córdoba - Blas
  • University of Salamanca Ponti - Dori
  • University of Alicante - Concha
  • University of La Laguna - José Arnay
  • University of Santiago - Mayán
  • Rovira Virgili University - Sabater
  • Complutense University - Juan Antonio Lorenzo

Jaume I University: Art. 1, 5, 10, 12, 32.1, 38 and 20.4

Complutense University: Art. 12 f, 12, 13 and 37.4

University of Córdoba: assets, home, end of financial period, cause of cessations.

University of Girona: breakup reasons, assets.

University of Granada: 3 (residence), Title II. Governing bodies. Of the governing bodies and representation, chapter II, title II, requirements of the members of representative bodies, chapter II of the Title IV, accounts will be approved, Art. 48 of the Title VIII, dissolution and causes.

J. Antonio.

Association Headquarters




J. Antonio is proposed to draft the final version.


The Universities with an approved final version will send it again to the Governing Board and the Social Council for the record. The approval from the Social Council can be delayed. 

Arnay suggests remembering the calendar along with the sending of the Statute Final Version.


It is proposed for the February Assembly that Universities confirm as a forecast their situation vis-à-vis the annexation to the association.

Meeting venue: Madrid, Ministry of Education, 27 February , 11:00-15:00.


Arnay: It is possible that the Board of Directors meets prior to the Assembly to hold a meeting of directors. 


Concha: proposes Alicante in the last week of January. Friday and Saturday 30 and 31 January.