In accordance with its Statutes, AEPUM has as its essential goal to promote educational programmes for older adults at a university level, contributing to the formative and cultural development of senior citizens. In this context, the AEPUM RESEARCH AWARD was created in the year 2013-14 with an annual regularity for the distinction of the best research works carried out concerning some of the topics related to the objectives and interests developed in the association.  The Prize constitutes the recognition that the National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults grants to those researchers who devote their efforts to the search for innovative solutions which can favour lifelong learning as a way to enhance seniors’ quality of life.


  1. Works must have been made within the framework of University Programmes for Older Adults and researchers must belong to the universities associated to AEPUM.
  2. Any research work which has not received an award in other calls or contests is eligible for the Research Award 2016.
  3. The works submitted could have been published in 2015 or 2016.
  4. The maximum length of works will be 30 pages according to the stipulated criteria (Annex I ‘Submission Format’).
  5. Applicants must fill in the form made available on the AEPUM web page and also at the end of this call (Annex II ‘Electronic Form’). The research work will be attached in an electronic file without any reference to the author, following the terms of the call.
  6. Works that fail to comply with the requirements will not be admitted and also those that do not comply the format details.
  7. The Jury will be formed by a commission appointed by the AEPUM Governing Board. The members will be renowned professors in the Universities Programmes for Older Adults. To that effect, it will be respected the compatibility to be member of the Jury if the member has not submitted any research work, has not been evaluator of the work, or is not member of the research team or director in this call.
  8. The Jury will assess: a) the specific adaptation to the AEPUM goal in research and education, b) innovation and originality of the research, c) relevance and impact, d) methodology used, e) applicability and transference to the University Programmes for Older Adults, f) and clarity and quality of the research done.
  9. The call will be published in February 2016 on the AEPUM website and the period for the submission of works will be opened until 15th September 2016.
  10. The jury will make a decision within a maximum of three months and will announce its verdict on the AEPUM website as well as in any other media which it deems appropriate. 
  11. Prize delivery will take place in one of the events which are annually organised by AEPUM (National Workshop, International Symposium or Seminar).
  12. The author of the work selected will receive as a prize the invitation to take part in the aforesaid event and make his/her work known through a presentation.
  13. The author of the work selected commits to disseminate in all the presentations of the mentioned research –conference, posters, books, articles, magazines- the name of the National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults as entity that has awarded the AEPUM Research Prize 2016.
  14. A runner-up prize will be awarded to the second best research work presented.  



  • Annex I - Submission Format of works to the AEPUM Research Award
  1. Language: Spanish
  2. Electronic format: The file must be sent through the electronic registration form in PDF format.
  3. Page format and font: DINA 4 size with all margins at 3 cm. Text, single-spaced and with 0-point spacing before and after. Font: Times New Roman, size 12.
  4. Title: font Times New Roman, size 14, bold and centred.
  5. Author/s: Initial of the name and surname/s, centred below the title, in Times New Roman, size 12. The name of the institution to which the author belongs will appear below the author’s name, also centred and with the same size. If the research work has been written by several authors belonging to different institutions, their names will be placed below the name of each author. An asterisk will identify the author who submits the work to the call and his/her e-mail address will appear in Times New Roman, size 10.
  6. Abstract: maximum 250 words in Times New Roman, size 10, single spacing.  Including the abstract in English and key words (max. five).
  7. Text: It will be written with font Times New Roman, size 11, single spacing, without any indentation types and full justification. Paragraphs must be separated by a blank line. It will include: A) Introduction; B) Objectives; C) Methodology; D) Results and Discussion; E) Conclusions; and F) Documentary references.
  8. Abbreviations: If they are used, they must be expanded when used for the first time.
  9. Bibliography and references: APA rules in the cited bibliography and bibliographic endnotes.
  10. Graphs, tables and references: they must be inserted in their place inside the text 
  11. Work length: It must not exceed 30 pages following the specified format and including graphs, tables and bibliographic references. Up to two figures will be accepted in the text.
  12. Participating in the Contest implies the acceptance of its terms as well as of the Jury’s decision –with the possibility of the Prize not being awarded.
  13. The contest could be declared void.


  • Annex II – Electronic form to register