AEPUM Participation in ERASMUS+ day in Albacete

Last October 9th, AEPUM participated in the ERASMUS+ day: 30 YEARS ENRICHING LIVES, OPENING MINDS SENIOR EDUCATION + 30TH ANNIVERSARY - SENIOR EDUCATION Organized by Erasmus+ SEPIE in Albacete at the Casa de la Cultura José Saramago.

The Universities of Oviedo, Murcia, Castellón, A Coruña, Málaga and Alicante have participated actively in the different sessions and presentations.

During 2017 we will be celebrating the Erasmus+ Programme's 30th anniversary, and the SEPIE, Servicio Español Para la Internacionalización de la Educación (Spanish Service for the Internationalisation of Education) has been organising a day to celebrate such a memorable date for Senior Education. Since the birth of Erasmus+, many institutions have participated in the programme and those Universities that have University Programmes for Older People have greatly benefited from the specific programmes that are available for the collective (more information available in this AEPUM link).

Representatives of diverse organizations within the sector also participated in the activities of the 9th of October: Senior Education Centres, Official Language Schools, University Programmes for Older Adults, Adult Education Centres, Culture Conferences, Caretaker's Services and other administrations, Associations, Foundations.

Participating in Erasmus+ is quite relevant for educational institutions, which is why we encourage participation and inscription in these calls. Further information will be found at the next SEPIE activities day: Erasmus+: 30 years enriching lives, opening minds on October 17th in Salamanca, accessible through mail ( or this webpage.

In the picture, representatives of the University of Málaga Jesús Delgado, University of Alicante Marian Aleson Carbonell, UJI Catellón Pilar Escudero Mollon, A Coruña Pilar García de la Torre and Francisco Ascon, as well as the Estate Secretary of Education, Professional Training and Universities, Marcial Marín, who stressed in his intervention the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports for the Education of Older People and the Erasmus+ educational mobility programme.