AEPUM has won the SENDA Award to the University World

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AEPUM is the winner of the SENDA prize to the university world for its work in favor of lifelong learning and its contribution to the personal development of seniors through knowledge.


Second edition of the SENDA Awards 

The SENDA Awards recognize the work of institutions, companies and professionals struggling to provide a better quality of life to older adults and dependant persons, as well as promoting personal autonomy and active ageing. The prize-giving ceremony will take place next June 8th, at 20:00 in the Hotel Intercontinental of Madrid. The ceremony will be attended by professionals of the dependents adult care field and Public Administration, as well as representatives of Senior associations and universities.
The awarded in the Second edition of the SENDA Awards are:
  • SENDA Award to the best asset to the scientist Margarita Salas
For her contribution to the field of science and her research efforts.
  • SENDA Institutional Award to the IMSERSO Vacation Programme in its 25th anniversary
For fostering healthy and active ageing, improve the quality of life of seniors and yield economic benefits in the destination areas.
  • SENDA Award for the Innovative Initiative to the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV) and the Spanish Democratic Union of Pensioners and Retired people (UDP)
For their advice in the development of quality products and services aimed at seniors through the Simplit brand. 
  • SENDA Award to the Associative Movement to the Spanish Confederation of Senior Organizations (CEOMA) 
For defending the interests of older adults and for encouraging their active participation in society.
  •  SENDA Award to the University World to the Spanish National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults (AEPUM) 
For its work in favour of lifelong learning and its contribution to the personal development of seniors through knowledge.
  • SENDA Award to the Residental Group to the Casablanca Group in its 25th Anniversary 

For being at the service of seniors and/or dependents for 25 years, always catering to their needs with the highest quality standards.

  • SENDA Award to Social Responsibility to Caritas Spain

For its active involvement to improve the quality of life of seniors, a particularly vunerable group with a great risk of social exclusion.

  • SENDA Award to the Professional of the field to the social worker María Auxiliadora Noda Morales
For all her work, effort and experience in the field of transplants, as well for her knowledge of the socio-sanitary sector.
  • Jury Special Award to the Queen Sofia Foundation and to the Pascual Maragall Foundation
For leading research and broadcast of the disease in the International Year of Alzheimer 2011, as well as boosting actions with the objective of raising the awareness of society about  the importance of promoting scientific research in the field of Alzheimer and neurodegenerative diseases.
The awards consists in a custom sculpture, an exclusive design developed for the SENDA Group. Its composition and materials become an original and contemporary interpretation of the company logo.
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