3rd Meeting of the State Association of the University Programs for Older Adults - Coreses (Zamora)

  1. Report of management since the Extraordinary Meeting held on the 2nd of July.
  2. Admission of new universities.
  3. Information about the work Committees
  4. Any other business.
  1. U. Alicante - Concha Bru Ronda
  2. U. Almería - Mª Concepción Zorita Tomillo and Carlos Asensio Grima
  3. U. Barcelona - Xavier Lorente I Gienero
  4. U. Católica de Ávila- David Díaz Moral
  5. U. Castilla-La Mancha - Mª Carmen Utanda Higueras
  6. U. Complutense (Madrid) - Juana Anadón and Mª Ángeles Ruiz Colomé
  7. U. Complutense Centro Superior de Estudios La Salle (Madrid) - Mª Dolores López Bravo
  8. U. Córdoba - Blas Sáchez Dueñas
  9. U. Girona - Josep Torrellas Vendrell
  10. U. Granada - Concepción Argente Del Castillo Ocaña and José María Roa Venegas
  11. U. León - Prisciliano Cordero Del Castillo and Roberto Yáñez Álvarez
  12. U. Lleida - Neus Vila Rubio
  13. U. Málaga - Alfonso Hevia –Aza Fernández
  14. U. Murcia - Juana Castaño Ruiz y Francisca Pérez Llamas
  15. U. Rovira i Virgili - Josep M. Sabaté Bosch
  16. U. Sevilla - Manuel Velázquez Clavijo
  17. U. Pública Navarra - Milagros Pollán Rufo
  18. U. Santiago de Compostela - Antonio Rodríguez Martínez
  19. U. San Pablo-CEU (Madrid) - Paloma Molina Patiño
  20. U. Jaime I (Castellón) - Salvador Cabedo Manuel
  21. U. Salamanca - Leoncio Vega Gil
  22. U. Valladolid - Carmen Del Valle López
  23. U. SEK Segovia - Carmen Merino Merino
  24. U. La Laguna - José Arnay Puerta
  25. U. Pontificia de Salamanca - Mª Adoración Holgado Sánchez

Reading of the minutes of the previous Meeting, Carmen del Valle points out that the University of Valladolid was not included in the list of the new members who presented the Documentation in the Extraordinary Meeting of the 2nd of July. Correction of this point in the previous Minutes.

a) Management report.

José Arnay presents an outline with the different Management Areas:

  1. The Association has been assigned a tax identity number, which is G 38793493, so the Association’s Treasury can be set in motion.

  2. A Project to elaborate a Bachelor’s degree (Senior Degree) in the third and last financial help to draw up Syllabus and Bachelor’s Degrees has been presented to the State’s Quality and Accreditation Evaluation’s Office (ANECA), coordinated by the University of Alicante.

    To deal with this topic, Arnay gave the floor to Concha Bru, who talked about the changes after her reunion with the Program’s Director of the ANECA, Mr Rosselló, in Alicante. She pointed out that, even though their request was denied before because the ANECA wanted to give priority to some Degrees that were left out, now it has interest in supporting the execution of Technical Conferences that could be held in Alicante by the end of February 2005. Concha Bru said that she could send a proposal to the Universities that signed the Project and that she will find out whether other universities can be invited to participate. The offer is accepted.

  3. On the 14th of October, the President of the Association requested an interview with the State Secretary of the Universities to talk about the different circumstances that affect the Universities for Older Adults. The date of the interview has not been confirmed yet. He also said that he was able to talk with Mr Salvador Ordóñez at the end of his speech the first day of the Meeting and that he explained why he had not been able to give him an answer and asked him to set a meeting in Alicante talking with Concha Bru.

    Arnay suggests that within a maximum period of ten days each university will send him specific proposals to present them to the State Secretary of the Universities. The debate can continue but the running legislative reforms require specific answers that won’t limit later development possibilities.

    Juana Roig of the Universidad Complutense asks about the ANECA’s Project and points out that before requesting the elaboration of own Degrees there are many things to debate about and that we must try to unify previously all the different Programs that already exist. Concha Bru explains to her that the ANECA’s Project was sent to all the Universities and that the Committee has already been working on the debate and the unification of criteria for a long time.

    Regarding that same point, Concha Argente from the University of Granada says a little bit later that at the Alicante’s Meeting a Draft Model was presented that could be used to start with.

    José Arnay says that after all-this-years’ work we must continue in this process of changing the Spanish University. Debate cannot last forever so we must continue step by step to improve our situation, remembering that we already were able to include some of our proposals in the LOU and that is the way that must be followed.

    Manuel Velázquez from the University of Sevilla asks if it had been decided to do without the IMSERSO. Concha Bru answers that the IMSERSO excluded itself, that it does not offer financial support as we suggested and that since our meeting with Mr Alberto Galerón, in 2002, there has not been any communication, although there might be a way for some universities to get some kind of subvention.

    José Arnay says that since the establishment of the Association, the relationships with the IMSERSO need to be regulated. Specific people have shown their good will to negotiate, not with each university individually but with the AEPUM. He was told yesterday that the White Paper was paralyzed. He reaffirms the interest in cooperating with the IMSERSO but with seriousness in the cooperation’s way and channels.

    J. Torrellas of the University of Girona points out that the Association must consider two aspects. On one hand the interview with Mr Salvador Ordóñez to grant the connection with the university, and on the other hand, how to establish relationships with other Institutions.

    Talking again about the convenience of elaborating an own Degree, Alfonso Hevia from the University of Málaga, says that we have been talking about the same thing for 4 years. We are strong but we must unify our efforts so he suggests some action to be taken but without setting restrictions.

    J. M. Sabaté, from the University Rovira i Vigili, answers that the University has restrictions already and that some Degrees, like Medicine for instance, must be regulated. Our Programs are something different, but we can suggest a model to the State Secretary and give hints to where the University could head to.


    b) Admission of new Universities.

    The following Universities present the required documentation:
    - Jaume I of Castellón, representative Mr Salvador Cabedo Manuel.
    - Sevilla completes the Documentation already handed over on the 2nd of July

    Mª Adoración Holgado, as the secretary of the Board of Directors, points out that some universities that joined on the 2nd of June must send some documents that are missing and that were required in July. Out of the hall she checked the documentation with the representatives of those universities and committed herself to request them again by e-mail.

    c) Information about the work Committees:

    The President of the Association presents a table with the distribution of the tasks of the different Committees and completes it during the Meeting pointing out that any university can and should participate in the work of the Committees.

    1. U. La Laguna Draft of a document about the University for Older Adults
    2. U Pontificia de Salamanca, U. Rovira i Virgili and U. Girona Studies about Institutional Evaluation of the Programs
    3. U. Alicante Website of the Association
    Coordination of the ANECA’s Project
    4. U. Córdoba and U. Murcia Association’s Internal Rules
    5. U. Murcia Seminar about Universities for Older Adults in the European Higher Education Area
    6. Juan Antonio Lorenzo White Paper
    7. U. Santiago, U Murcia and U. Alicante Regulation of the Access to official Degrees from the University Programs for Older Adults
    8. U. Granada, U. Córdoba and U. Alicante AEPUM's Magazine

    1 - La Laguna is preparing the document and within two or three weeks it will send it to the Board of Directors and afterwards to the associated universities.

    2 - About Evaluation, the universities in charge have already elaborated a questionnaire to obtain information that could be used in the Meeting. The Pontificia hands over a table with the diagrams of the compiled data from the 34 received questionnaires, requesting the attending to check the accuracy of the information and complete it if necessary.

    3 - The situation of the ANECA’s Project had already been explained and the presentation of the Website is left to the end of the meeting.

    4 - The drafting of the Association’s Internal Rules has not been initiated yet.

    5 - The Seminar about the European Higher Education Area is being organized by the University of Murcia. It will take place by the end of April. We will receive the draft of the program and the registration form soon.

    6 - White Paper, as it was already indicated it seems to be paralyzed in the IMSERSO.

    7 - The University of Santiago is compiling documentation about the access to the university degree from the University Programs for Older Adults and requests the Universities that might have any offer regarding that point to inform the University of Santiago about it.

    Alfonso Hevia asks if there is any Committee working for the financial support of the Programs. Concha Bru says that it is implicit in the acknowledgement of the studies. A committee to work on this point made up by the universities of Malaga and the Complutense of Madrid is suggested.

    The 9th State Meeting of University Programs for Older Adults will be organized by the University of Almería. Carlos Asensio, Vice-Rector of this University, points out his concern about financial support. Concha Zorita says that they plan to organize it in 2006 and asks for everyone’s cooperation. Arnay offers everybody’s support and thanks the University of Almería for its effort. Mª Adoración Holgado confirms and gives thanks for the support received from the Association to organize the 8th Meeting.

    It is suggested and agreed to hold the next Meeting in Madrid. Nevertheless some of the events that are going to be held soon, such as the Seminary in Murcia in April, can be used to hold the next Extraordinary Meeting, unless another decision is taken.

    d) Any other business.

    Florentino Blázquez from the University of Extremadura asks if he can send the documentation necessary to join the Association as soon as it is available and be considered as member in the next Meeting. The answer is that it is possible if the documents are sent to the Association’s Secretary’s Office.

    Finally Concha Bru from the University of Alicante presents in PowerPoint the design of the Website of the Association and hands over an outline of the Online Magazine. The proposal is accepted by everyone and they thank the University of Alicante for the work done. The meeting is adjourned at 6, 45 of the 16th of November 2004.


    The President