3rd International Conference on Elderly and New Technologies


PUPM Name: University for seniors.

University on which depends the PUM: Universitat Jaume I

Start date and end date: April, 18-20, 2012.

Place of development: Universitat Jaume I.


3rd International Conference on Elderly and New Technologies tries to facilitate the elderly's inclusion into the ICT's society. Therefore, this conference aims to broad and share experiencies, technology and useful tools, while the social realities and social impact, arising from the effect of the technological advances in the field of seniors' education, will be deeply analized. 


3rd International Conference on Elderly and New Techonologies tries to promote the inclusion of all citizens, especially seniors, into the knowledge society. Among the different issues that will be submitted for reflection and research, it is emphasized the following topic: how ICT's introduction in daily life affects on the personal way of perceiving, relating and acting. On the next International Conference the work done at previous Conferences will be expanded and complemented, exploring in more detail the analysis and the study of how and how extend the use of ICT, on seniors, addresses to responsible attitudes and commitments that facilitate a more active aging. 

Contac information: majors@uji.es

More information: http://mayores-nt.uji.es