2nd Working Seminary: Possible Answers from the University to the Problem of Dependence - Granada


Organizing: University of Granada, Aepum and Imserso
Dates: 29th and 30th of November 2007
Place: University of Granada
For further information: aulaperm@ugr.es Permanent Classroom of Open Training
Avenida de la Constitución, 18, Edificio Elvira, Pasaje Bajo (by the Luz Hotel) 18071 - Granada
Phone Number: 958 24 62 00 / 89 17 - Fax: 958 24 89 01

Registration Bulletin [PDF]

Conferences (the titles can be modified by the speakers at the conferences):

  • Attention given to Dependence in Spain
  • Caregiver's Profile
  • Resources for the improvement of the caregiver and the dependant's quality of life.
  • Resources to prevent Dependence in Andalucía


Round Tables:

  • Resources to prevent Dependence (Team of professionals)
  • The experience of the University Programs for Older Adults with the problem of Dependence (AEPUM)


First Notification

The new Act about Dependence and its application is such a widespread challenge for our society that nobody can remain out of it. Especially those of us who work with Older Adults carrying out activities for a healthy and active aging.

Therefore when the Directors of AEPUM, at the Meeting in Alicante, entrusted the Permanent Classroom of Open Training of the University of Granada the organization of the Study Conferences of 2007, they decided to use those conferences to think about the role of the University Programs for Older Adults regarding Dependence. They considered that the Collaboration's Agreement between AEPUM and IMSERSO was the perfect framework to carry out this activity, that is why the three institutions are working together to organize these conferences.

The program attached has been created with the purpose of having conferences that will make us reflect, with the participation of experts, and an open dialogue between the attending people. We expect the attendante of those who work with older adults university education or those working with active aging who want to know the reflections about this field from the university point of view.

By means of this first notification, the organization commission invites you to the activities of the program and requests the early confirmation of attendance, given that the number of attending people should not exceed fifty people. We will send the registration form in a second notification, and also the organizing structure of the conferences for the reservation of accomodation.

Given the difficulty of findind accomodation in Granada during those dates, we hope that you will confirm your attendance before the 20th of July.

Mrs Concepción Argente del Castillo Ocaña
Director of the Permanent Classroom of Open Education of the University of Granada
E-mail: aulaperm@ugr.es


Second notification

For bureaucratic and administrative reasons presented at the last minute by IMSERSO, there has been a delay in the sending of the second notification and we had to change its content. We wanted to confirm and send the program together with the registration form but we had to postpone the dates for the Seminary to the following days: 29th and 30th of November 2007.


Now we have to wait for a new confirmation from the participants of the conferences and the round tables, therefore we apologize for the delay in sending the definitive program and we hope to be able to carry out the Seminary in early September. It will be then when you will have the information about the reservation of accomodation and the company that will take care of it.

Although we will send it again, we send you the registration form. Having your confirmation in advance will help us make progress in the organization.

We will send the information again in early September.

Mrs Concepción Argente del Castillo Ocaña
Director of the Permanent Classroom of Open Education of the University of Granada
E-mail: aulaperm@ugr.es


Third notification


We take up the information about the 2nd Working Seminary, apologizing to those who, for different reasons, did not receive the notification about the postponement of our meeting from September to November, the days 29th and 30th.

The attached program is the definitive one and the variations are dued to the changes of dates. Anyway, we want to thank all speakers for their availability, even to those who won't be able to participate but really wanted to.

Even though it was sent before, we attach the registration form again for those who did not read the previous e-mail. The deadline to send it back is the 20th of October. Keep in mind that, given that it is a Seminary, there is a maximum of 65 people attending, therefore we will give priority to those who send it first.

The company that will provide accomodation is the Corte Inglés, the attached file contains its telephone numbers and information.

Mrs Concepción Argente del Castillo Ocaña
Director of the Permanent Classroom of Open Education of the University of Granada.
E-mail: aulaperm@ugr.es


Granada, 29th of November to 30th of Novemnber 2007


Thursday, 29th of November:
9.30 h. Reception of participants
10.00 h. Opening act
10.30 h. Opening conference: General Director of IMSERSO, 'Attention to Dependence in Spain' (provisional title).
11.30 h. Coffee Break
12.00 h. 1st Round Table 5 participants (Representantives of AEPUM, coordinated by Mr José Mª Roa Venegas Sub-director of the APFA from the University of Granada)
14.00 h. Lunch
16.30 h. Conference. 'Caregiver's Profile' (Mr Juan Múñoz Tortosa University of Granada)
17.30 h. Coffee Break
18.00 h. 2nd Round Table 5 participants (R+D+I Project, coordinated by the teacher Mrs Pilar Aranda Ramírez)
21.30 h. Dinner

Friday, 30th of November:
10.00 h. 3rd Round Table 5 participants (coordinated by Mrs Esther López Martín Berdinos. Head of the Specialized Education Department of the IMSERSO)
11.30 h. Coffee Break
12.00 h. Conference on Social Equality and Well-being of the Board of Andalucía. 'Resources to prevent Dependence in Andalucía' (provisional title)
12.45 h. Closing act

C/ San Jerónimo, nº 27. Granada





  • Attention to Dependence in Spain (General Director of IMSERSO)
  • Caregiver's Profile (Mr Juan Muñoz Tortosa University of Granada)
  • Resources to prevent Dependence in Andalucía. (Counselor of Social Equality and Well-being Mrs Micaela Navarro Garzón)


Round Tables:

  1. Experience of the university programs of older adults with dependence (AEPUM)
    Coordinator: Mr Jose Mª Roa Venegas (University of Granada)
    Mr Juan Antonio Lorenzo Vicente (Universidad Complutense of Madrid)
    Mr Antonio Rodríguez Martínez(University of Santiago de Compostela)
    Mr Blas Sánchez Dueñas (University of Córdoba)
    Mr José Arnay Puerta (University of la Laguna)
  2. Habits to have a healthy life and prevent Dependence (R+D+I Team). 'Creation of a guide of good practices for a healthy and active aging, following an interdisciplinary model of social integration' (University of Granada)
    Coordinator: Mrs Pilar Aranda Ramírez (University of Granada)
    Mrs María López Jurado Romero de la Cruz (University of Granada)
    Mrs Mª del Mar Morales Hevia (University of Granada)
    Mr Fernando de Teresa (University of Granada)
    Student of the Classroom (University of Granada)
  3. Education about dependence in other field of work with older adults. (Experts team)
    Coordinator: Mrs Esther López Martín Berdinos (Head of the Specialized Education Department of IMSERSO)
    Mr Arturo Pereiro Rozas (University of Almería)
    Mrs Soledad Pérez Rodríguez (General Director of the Older Adult) or Mr Antonio Marín (Subdirector General of Older Adults in the Board of Andalucía)
    Mrs Carmen Villaverde Gutiérrez (University of Granada)
    Mr Manuel Aleixandre Rico (University of Granada)



Those interested in booking accomodation have to contact Juan Merino, phone number 958 20 85 05, Viajes El Corte Inglés (Granada Empresas). For the payment and confirmation of the rooms the transaction has to be made before the 20th of October to the Viajes el Corte Inglés bank account, giving the name of the Seminary and the dates.

Special Price for Universities:

  • Single Room, 64,27 euros accomodation, breakfast and VAT included
  • Double Room, 91,02 euros accomodation, breakfast and VAT included