The University of Deusto joins AEPUM

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The University of Deusto, through the Institute of Leisure Studies of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, became part of the Spanish National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults (AEPUM) in June 2011.

This centenarian university started in the mid-90's its first leisure training programme which has led us, in a process of constant innovation, to have five active programmes nowadays. 

Secretary General of Social Policy and Consumer presents the "White Paper on Active Ageing", basis for future senior policies

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The Secretary General of Social Policy and Consumption, Isabel María Martínez Lozano, has presented today at the Venue of the Institute for Older Persons and Social Services (IMSERSO) the White Paper on Active Ageing. 

It is a technical document supporting the data obtained in two surveys: one of them shows the opinions of seniors about themselves and their situation in society; the other one on the population's general opinion about seniors. 

A 101-year-old student from the Nau Gran as the main character of a TVE report

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As classes start in Universities with University Programmes for Older Adults, TVE broadcasts such teachings by showing the eldest student with no more and no less than 101 years old. A senior who studies in the NAU GRAN Programme of the University of Valencia. In this way, the saying becomes reality: "It is never too late to learn”.

Miguel Hernández Awards to the Senior University of the University of Coruña

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Spanish Ministry of Education and Science in the 2011 Call of the "Miguel Hernández" Awards recognized the work of the European Workshops of the Universidade Sénior with an honorable mention. 

The Official Gazette of the last October 4th, makes public the decision of the Miguel Hernández Awards supporting and promoting good practices and lifelong learning experiences in Spain, collecting the honorable mention to the promotion of the European dimension at the "Senior University of the University of Coruña" within the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

The "University Programmes for Older Adults" were awarded by the Government of Andalusia as the best project on active ageing.

The Ministry for Equality and Social Welfare of the Government of Andalusia awarded as "Best project on active ageing" the University Open Classes of Lifelong Learning for adults over 55, managed by nine public universities in Andalusia, for their work of mutual enrichment with the contribution to knowledge and seniors' experience, as well as easing the access of old women and men to cultural goods and active learning.  

Senior Programme Award of the University of Extremadura

Florentino Blazquez Entonado

The Government of Extremadura, awards the Medal of Extremadura to the Senior Programme of the University of Extremadura.  The handing-over of the Medal to the Programme Manager, Mr. Florentino Blázquez Entonado, will take place next September 7th, the Extremadura's Day Eve, in the Roman Theatre of Mérida. 

The event will be broadcasted by Tele-Extremadura at 21:00 of that day. 

It's a great satisfaction for AEPUM to see how new social and institutional recognition takes place everyday for integrated University Programmes for Older Adults in our association. 

Conclusions Advance of the 4th Latin American Congress Of Universities For Older Adults - CIUUMM 2011

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Published the conclusions advance of the 4th Latin American Congress Of Universities For Older Adults organized by AEPUM and UIMP in the University of Alicante.



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